Business Alchemy
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October 1st, 2018 – August 19th, 2019

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Business Alchemy & Manifestation Immersion

October 1st – August 19th, 2018

Are you an empath, intuitive, or spiritual entrepreneur with an open heart and a strong desire to make a positive contribution?

Learn how to use meditation and inner alchemy to manifest the life of your dreams.

Transform your relationship to work, money, performance, and success!

This intensive coaching led by Shelley Poovey will give you practical tools and innovative techniques to work with your business as it’s own consciousness system and learn to harness your innate intuitive abilities to manifest change in your life, career, or profession.

“Not only did this process provide me with tools to continue to grow and thrive in my business, it allowed me to do so in a way that aligns with my life purpose. I felt my work return to a place of joy again!”

Chantal Deeble - Gyrotonic Master Trainer. Owner, Kinespirit Studios

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like to use your innate intuitive gifts to manifest vitality or resilience in your life and business? 

Experience a unique discovery process to clarify areas where your business could really be thriving. 

Defy traditional ideas of success.

Uncover new approaches that tap into intuitive insights.

Uncover deeper underlying energetic patterns.

Release habits that are keeping you stuck.

Let’s dive in! It’s an investment in a year of growth and expansion.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like to use your innate intuitive gifts to manifest vitality or resilience in your life and business?

What is Business Alchemy?

“Shelley’s year-long Business Alchemy Program and her systematic approach are so unique that you really just need to experience it for yourself. It has proven to be the single most effective personal and career development program I’ve invested my time and money in.”

Regina Arras

Aerospace Engineer, JetBlue

The BodyAttune Business Alchemy & Manifestation Immersion with Shelley Poovey is a year of high-level intuitive coaching:

  • LIVE, hands-on format & lots of attention and interaction
  • Two 90-minute group sessions per month
  • Additional pre-recorded guided meditations & lectures
  • Downloadable worksheets and content to follow along throughout the immersion
  • Guest speakers who embody spiritual entrepreneurship to share their stories and inspire you!

Define goals and intentions that free up new pathways for growth

Discover different strategies that serve the needs of your business while enjoying the process

We use tools that are practical, magical, and fun!

Enrollment Information
Your $1499 investment will open you to a year of magic, transformation and inspiration!


Feel free to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with Shelley personally to discuss the program specifics and have all your questions answered!

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