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October 6th, 2020 – August 17th, 2021

Enrollment opens July 1st, 2020

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A year of magic, mystery, and transformation!

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Are you an empath, intuitive, or spiritual entrepreneur with an open heart and a strong desire to make a positive contribution?

Learn how to use meditation and inner alchemy to manifest the life of your dreams.

Transform your relationship to work, money, performance, and success!

Explore the nature of magnetism, bioenergetics, and how to work with the entire human energy system to harness your full potential and thrive.

Expand your understanding, experience, and mastery through breathwork, visualization, meditation, and group process in a supported, ongoing format.

“My goal was to be fully booked by the end of the month, to feel energized, excited, confident, connected and trusting that my business vortex was capable of working.

Within six days I had a 50% increase in bookings compared to the previous week — three BodyTalk sessions booked plus six people inquiring about BodyTalk. This was without actively marketing or pushing it. I wasn’t even certain I would offer BodyTalk at my new space – now it is as popular as Thai Massage! I didn’t expect this or see it coming, and I love it. Its fun be open to the possibilities and allow. It feels so good!!! My vortex is working its magic while I have been resting, recovering, and working at a really sustainable and enjoyable pace.”

Sharla Hopkins, Owner Hello Wellness Bodyworks

24 LIVE Sessions on Tuesdays @ 8pm EST
plus 5 bonus KICKSTART calls in October

Opening Intentions & Group Process

Connect with others in an ongoing supportive group format that utilizes the power of group meditation and energy healing to align our intentions and create successful outcomes that transcend limiting beliefs and harness our potential to thrive beyond our expectations!  

Guided Meditation

Meditation changes your brain and awakens your innate intuitive abilities. These meditations focus on embodying your human energy system to harness your potential for positive growth. 

Energy Healing

Shelley facilitates energy healing that optimizes your ability to tap into your manifesting potential. These sessions can be a powerful experience, working at a distance and cumulatively over the course of the program.

Guided Instruction

This is the heart of the program. We investigate a unique Business Alchemy process to help clarify your manifesting intentions and use your intuition to direct and influence your outcomes. Learn to use Business Alchemy to attract new opportunities, increase resilience, and align with your unique intuitive gifts to create lasting and sustainable results! Each session builds on the next, clarifying an aspect of alchemy & manifestation that illuminates your capacity for self-mastery and positive change. By the end of the program, you will have a complete process that you can use on your own!

Individual Sessions 

One of the most exciting parts of our live calls is when you come up for personal work. This may be energy healing, or working together on any questions or clarifications together. It’s incredible how helpful this can be for the group, individual sessions create a ripple effect for everyone whether live or not. 

Rituals and Daily Practice

Ritual and discipline are the containers to create lasting and sustainable change. We will explore alchemy in stillness, dynamic embodiment, and intuitive action. If you feel overworked or drained, rituals can help you channel your energy in more productive ways to create resilience for you on all levels.

Questions & Discussion

Happen in real-time. You get complete personalized attention in a nurturing and supportive format that allows you to show up exactly as you are, without judgment.

Connect Anywhere LIVE

Sessions happen via Zoom, a program that allows you to call in and listen on the go, or by video from your smartphone or computer. Links and information will be provided before each session, with unique codes for privacy and security. Meetings are recorded and made available to all participants.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like to use your innate intuitive gifts to manifest vitality or resilience in your life and business?

What is Biz Alchemy?

“Shelley’s year-long Biz Alchemy Program and her systematic approach are incredibly unique. It has proven to be the single most effective personal and career development program I’ve invested my time and money in.

Just in the last year working with her, I gained clarity and direction in my career path and within 3 months manifested and got the job I had been dreaming about for 2 years! “

Regina Arras

Aerospace Engineer, JetBlue

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi, my name is Shelley, and I’m excited we’ll be working together! I began offering immersive energy healing experiences about ten years ago, during a tumultuous time of personal growth and intense energetic awakening.

Over time it became clear that what was evolving was a very unique process that allows your business, career, or entrepreneurial intentions thrive in their own purpose as their own energy, consciousness, and manifestation vehicle. 

Your purpose can come alive more fully when established as a separate entity from you. It can attract opportunities and resources you may not otherwise feel connected to. In addition, it can work to create health, vitality, prosperity, and happiness by offering you resources rather than draining you of your own. Something we see very often reflected in our collective attitudes and beliefs about needing to work hard! 

I look forward to each program and the unique group of souls who wish to join, who wish to grow and thrive in their purpose. 

In Biz Alchemy we explore the rich and wondrous relationship between manifestation and the extrinsic chakras, manifesting vehicles which circulate information of an impersonal nature, from collective and universal consciousness.

Information in these chakras used with the Biz Alchemy process can manifest transformation with any social & cultural forces that might be interfering with your manifesting potential.

Shelley Poovey 

B.S. Psych, AdvCBP, PaRama BP, RYT-200
Creator of The Radiant Human Meditation & Biz Alchemy


We begin with weekly meetings to clarify your intentions for the year and align with purpose. We cover the Biz Alchemy & Manifestation process and meditation practice in-depth before moving to our bi-weekly coaching calls. 

October 6, October 13, October 20, October 27, November 3

Kickstart calls are Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm EST. Recordings are made available to all participants within 24 hours. 

Additional content 

  • Pre-recorded guided meditations & lectures
  • Downloadable worksheets and content to follow along throughout the immersion
  • Guest speakers series — Pre-recorded interviews with spiritual entrepreneurs to inspire your understanding of the unique process being uncovered for you!

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Once your process is initiated, we continue with bi-weekly calls to support your ongoing personal work with the process.  This is where you’ll get most of your personal attention, so come with all your questions and feedback as you master Biz Alchemy & Manifestation! Define goals and intentions that free up new pathways for growth
Discover different strategies that serve the needs of your business while enjoying the process
We use tools that are practical, magical, and fun!

November 10, November 17, November 24, December 8, December 22, January 5, January 19, February 2, February 16, March 2, March 16, March 30, April 6, April 20, May 4, May 18, June 1, June 15, June 29, July 6, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10, August 17

Group conference calls are Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm EST. Recordings are made available to all participants within 24 hours. 

Your investment will open you to a year of magic, transformation and inspiration!


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