Got a text this morning from a client who was stoked about her very sore “upper abs”…not because she’s working on her six pack, but because her back pain was gone.

That’s the difference personal instruction makes. The thing is, her form is fantastic and has always been great. She is active, does Pilates regularly and also Zumba which she really loves, so she hardly gets corrections in her large group classes.

Every now and again her age-old back pain we spent an entire year resolving using a combination of Core Fitness Integration, Meditation, and BodyTalk resurfaces and that’s when she comes in for a tune-up.

We do an individualized assessment, just like in the beginning, and focus on specific techniques and exercises that target the functional biomechanics, neuro-musculoskeletal balance, body awareness, and energetic patterns her body needs RIGHT NOW to help resolve any pain or discomfort, as well as what exercises for her to focus on or leave out while the issue resolves.

In addition to focusing on proper biomechanics of abdominal support and pelvic stabilization, we assessed some digestive and sleep imbalances for her to integrate post-session.

All in an hour!

Sound like something you’d like to get in on? Join Tara A Nicolas for small group core fitness on saturdays at 11am this month at BodyAttune. When we say small we mean BIG TIME personalized attention with four students or less. What better way can you spend a spring morning in April other than shaking off the icicles & sludge of winter and kickstarting your summertime wellness prep?!

We are also available for personal sessions, so hey, no excuses beautiful people!!