About Shelley Poovey

B.S. Psych, AdvCBP, PaRama BP, RYT-200
Creator of The Radiant Human Meditation & Business Alchemy

Shelley Poovey is the owner of BodyAttune in New York City, and an expert in manifestation and inner alchemy.

Her work explores the relationship between the archetypes of the psyche and the complex neural networks that regulate consciousness in the human body.

Shelley offers personal sessions that focus on stimulating our innate capacity to heal and manifest our deepest desires, as well as a monthly subscription-based program that works with manifesting in harmony with the New and Full moon cycles.

She also hosts two year-long immersion programs focused on manifesting intentions. Both programs provide a unique opportunity to engage a balanced relationship between presence, embodiment, and transformation. There is a personal development program, and one that focuses on applications for business

Shelley has over twenty years experience in the esoteric & healing arts. She has had the privilege of learning directly from many incredibly gifted yogis, tantric scholars, taoist teachers, healers, visionaries, mystics, and shamans and is grateful for their presence in supporting her spiritual development, and for bringing their light to the world.

Her background in math, computer science, and philosophy gives her a strong foundation for appreciating the scientific and philosophical principles for why self healing is possible, and why distance work is effective.

She has been in private practice since 2002, and practicing BodyTalk since 2009.

She is a guest expert on manifestation and alchemy for Healing Crystals, and is a contributing author in an anthology of stories on self healing, called Heal Thy Self