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using evidenced-based practices alongside ancient healing traditions.

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I’ve known Shelley in many capacities for several years, and hold her knowledge and way of being in the highest esteem. She is deeply knowledgeable about allthings energy, body, and soul, but even more importantly, she is wise. When she speaks, I listen, because her words encapsulate details and truth. She is an amazing teacher and way-shower and you’d be beyond fortunate to study or work with her. 
Cyndi Dale

Author of 27 Books On Energy Medicine

New Trauma & Intuition

BodyTalk Group Online Sessions

In partnership with the International BodyTalk Association, 
this three-session series highlights the positive aspects of trauma
as a catalyst for self-discovery and inner transformation.
November 1-3rd, 12pm EST. Online

Biz Alchemy & Manifestation
Subtle Energy Immersion
begins October 2022

An six-month online group coaching program for anyone
wishing to uplevel their relationship to 
money, performance, relationships and success.
Use meditation and inner alchemy practices to explore the nature
of magnetism, bioenergetics, and human potential.

Biz Alchemy & Manifestation
begins October 2022

This year’s mastermind will focus on your relationship
to wealth, money, and finance. Unpack your manifesting
potential by working with the organizing consciousness of your business.

BodyAttune Moon Sessions:
Twelve-month Integrative Health & Wellness
Group Online Coaching Program 

Radiant Human Meditation
Practitioner Development Program

Learn to guide yourself and others through the journey of self-healing
using subtle energy, breathwork, and meditation.

Lunar Chronobiology Attunement

Research has shown the moon phases have a strong impact on the body’s circadian rhythms. Each lunar chronobiology attunement is unique and specific to how your biorhythms have been impacted by circadian disruption over time, and helps synchronize your body’s clock using the moon phases. These sessions hold many benefits: improved sleep, more energy during the day, improved detoxification and metabolism, and emotional balance.

New Client? Here’s how to get started…

BodyTalk:  Healthcare Designed By Your Body

Radiant Human Meditation Self-Healing

Biz Alchemy & Manifestation 
Personal Coaching

BodyIntuitive: Immune Optimization

Usui Reiki

90 Days to Wellness

Kickstart your healing journey.
Explore deeper ways to align with health.
Twelve hours of one-on-one integrative health and wellness coaching
plus a 90-minute intake session to create the program that’s right for you.

I completed the RHM training with Shelley, and from the first time I began incorporating this work into both subtle energy healing and IFS coaching sessions, my clients have seen miraculous results. RHM is a standalone practice that brings immediate and reliable benefits for me personally, but has most profoundly improved my confidence as a facilitator when combining it with the modalities I practice with clients.

As an alumnus of Shelley’s Business Alchemy programs and one-on-one sessions, my life has dramatically improved. I experience profound and positive changes after each session. My relationships, work life, finances, self-trust, and sense of ease in life are all transformed thanks to Shelley’s work, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Rachael Schaeffer

Radiant Human Meditation & Internal Family Systems Practitioner

My biz alchemy goal was to be fully booked by the end of the month, to feel energized, excited, confident, connected and trusting that my business vortex was capable of working.

Within six days I had a 50% increase in bookings compared to the previous week — three BodyTalk sessions booked plus six people inquiring about BodyTalk. This was without actively marketing or pushing it. I wasn’t even certain I would offer BodyTalk at my new space – now it is as popular as Thai Massage! I didn’t expect this or see it coming, and I love it. Its fun be open to the possibilities and allow. It feels so good!!! My vortex is working its magic while I have been resting, recovering, and working at a really sustainable and enjoyable pace. 

Sharla Hopkins

Owner Hello Wellness Bodyworks

Since practicing meditation with Shelley I have reached a state of inner peace. Emotions turned into something malleable, no longer afraid of pain. I have achieved a high level of empathy for others and transformed from someone needing help to becoming someone that others can lean on.

Carla Gusek

Shelley is a highly skilled practitioner with extremely deep anatomical and metaphysical knowledge. She is also a fun, friendly, and caring individual who listens carefully and tailors her services specifically to the innate needs of her clients. She has a wonderful, easy, yet very precise teaching style that translates very complex information into practical, grounded, understandable steps. She meets you where you are, without judgment, and helps you get where you want to be. She is generous, professional, and real. Her background includes multiple modalities. I trust her guidance implicitly and recommend her highly.

Toija Riggins

“I’m a suburban single Mom with a background of dissociative disorder brought on by childhood trauma. I’ve been working with Shelley since 2015, first as a client, subsequently as a teacher/mentor. With Shelley’s help, I’ve been healed of the inability to speak up, inappropriate relationships, inappropriate self-practices, and being overpowered by women.

In May 2020, I was misdiagnosed with a bacterial infection when I really had contracted Covid 19. I had a dream one night that my beloved Uncle Dave came to me and asked me to come to the Other Side to be with him.  I told him that I wasn’t quite ready yet and that I needed to master and resolve my job.  He was disappointed, and it wasn’t clear that I was going to be able to stay on planet Earth.  Due to the Covid, I actually had a very strong desire to sleep all day and die. Exhaustion was ever present. I had a series of sessions with Shelley at this time.  We addressed my immune imbalances, which helped my T-cells came back to life and do their job.  A year later, I’m fine, still on planet Earth, Covid vaccinated, and Covid free.  And, I was able to keep working at my bank job.

In 2021, I contracted Shingles, which according to Louise Hay in her classic book You Can Heal Your Life, is due to “waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fear and tension. Too sensitive.”  I had just collected a suicide-attempt family member from the hospital for the second time in six months. The “waiting for the other shoe to drop” reaction was confirmed by the session.  Of course, the Shingles appeared on the genital area. I love how specific the information in the sessions can be, both learning about the story behind my symptoms and learning about anatomy and how the body heals. For example, we identified a specific immune cell which she told me was manufactured in the largest bone in the body – the thigh.  We then performed a Chinese Medicine “tapping” technique on the pubic area, which helped set up a positive vibration in the pubic bones. Within three weeks, the Shingles, which had traveled to other parts of the body, were completely gone. I remember my mother-in-law, at my same age (70), dealing with Shingles.  She was admitted to the hospital and stayed for several weeks.  She never really walked well after that, and her decline from AT&T staff accountant to being a wheelchair-bound Grandma was evident to all.  How different was my BodyAttune experience!”

Every once in a lifetime, you run across a person who changes history.  People like Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi are history changers.  People who are well on their way to perfection through Love for the Human Race are history changers. For these three remain, “Faith, Hope, and Love”, but the greatest of these is Love. Shelley Poovey is such a person, a history changer and Lover of the Human Race. Thank you, Shelley, for Loving the Human Race!

Always, the healing is non-judgmental, science-based, ethical, and filled with lovingkindness and gratefulness.  What we call “supernatural” happens on a daily basis with Shelley.  For, nothing in the Universe is really supernatural – Infinite Spirit would not contradict its own laws of nature.  But there are folks in this spiritual age who have learned how to harness the laws of nature and perform “miracles” of healing.  Shelley is such a person.  It’s not the bells and whistles -“supernatural healing”-with Shelley, but it’s the lovingkindness, gratefulness, medical training, and professionalism along with the bells and whistles -“supernatural healing”.

Phyllis Schmidt

Owner, Divine Healing with Radionics

Shelley’s Biz Alchemy Program and her systematic approach are incredibly unique. It has proven to be the single most effective personal and career development program I’ve invested my time and money in.

Just in the last year working with her, I gained clarity and direction in my career path and within 3 months manifested and got the job I had been dreaming about for 2 years!

Regina Arras

Aerospace Engineer

Develop, understand, and appreciate an empowered and co-created relationship to health.

Even though our bodies develop, grow, and function similarly, our personalities and needs regarding self-care can be widely varied. Thankfully, there are many ways to create a structured and supportive experience of fulfilling the dimensions of wellness: by providing information and education where needed as well as exploration into the unknown to discover new pathways that only your body understands. We draw on and use established methods that create awareness, develop intuition, and build self-confidence.

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