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Healthcare designed by your body. BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare™

About BodyTalk
BodyTalk is a comprehensive system designed to optimize healthy communication within the body. It incorporates science and philosophy, merging the best in Western and Eastern healing to get to the heart of the story behind symptoms restricting the healthy functioning of the mind-body complex. A BodyTalk session is especially unique in that a priority-based, personalized formula is developed through structured intuitive communication so that the optimal combination of techniques and modalities can be utilized in bringing about positive well-being.

Why BodyTalk?
A BodyTalk session may seem simple on the surface, but there is deep transformation at hand and on a multitude of levels: the physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and energetic. 

Afterwards, you may find that your body’s response to stress has decreased, or that a symptom whose underlying cause has been a mystery has been alleviated through the examination of a belief system or newfound awareness of a life event. 

By looking at the system of the body that regulates health priorities, a shift occurs and through this alchemical process, a sense of empowerment ensues.

It offers a non-invasive, innovative way to jumpstart your body’s self-healing.

Types of Sessions

  • Immune-focus

  • Weight & metabolism

  • Sleep optimization

  • Stress management

  • Emotional resolution

  • Digestive balance

  • Postural alignment & sports performance

  • Energy boost

  • Other specific issues that have been difficult to address with traditional methods

BodyTalk Works from a Distance. 
BodyTalk is scientifically-verified to decrease pain and improve mood when administered at a distance. During a live virtual session, you are coached where to put your hands on your body during the balancing formulas. During a remote virtual session, you receive a recording of the live session for you to tap along with.

Work with Me. 
If you are new to BodyTalk, I highly recommend booking a personal consultation to discuss your health & wellness goals and address any questions you may have.

Use the contact form to let us know how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions should I plan on? For new clients, I recommend three to five sessions to see a significant and stable shift in the area of concern you are coming to address. A major asset of BodyTalk is the speed of its results, and clients usually report feeling better after the first session. Sessions gently unwind underlying stress factors that may be contributing to any symptoms you may be experiencing, and need some time to process and integrate. Because sessions are cumulative, it usually takes a few sessions for what lies at the core of physical or emotional symptoms to surface and be addressed.

What should I expect after my BodyTalk session? After a session, people usually report feeling lighter , more grounded, or centered. It takes a few weeks to fully process and integrate the shifts that occur, and during that time, you may notice a change in your sleep patterns, digestion, and most importantly, as reported by clients, greater self-awareness of the degree to which stressors addressed had been affecting everyday life.

How long does each session last? A BodyTalk session usually takes 45 minutes. Some sessions feel simple, with a clear theme and one or two implementations; others are more complex. Each session depends on what your body’s innate wisdom guides us to address, and can feel both relaxing or energizing. At BodyAttune, we allow 60 minutes for all BodyTalk in-person or video sessions to take a few minutes to settle in, ask questions and schedule future appointments.

I’m basically healthy, would a BodyTalk session still be beneficial for me? BodyTalk improves the body’s resilience to stress, and can have a positive impact on sleep, digestion, mood, and energy levels. People often ask me if they should schedule a visit when they are feeling good, and in fact, I feel that’s the BEST time to do so. When your system is already doing well, we can optimize its functionality by addressing factors that might not present as a priority otherwise.

If BodyTalk works with hand positions and tapping, how can it work at a distance? Each BodyTalk formula reveals where the communication systems within the body can be optimized. Although it can feel relaxing to experience this in person, it is not a necessary component for the effectiveness of sessions. Please refer to the explanation above of how distance sessions work. 

Your Practitioner
I am an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & PaRama Certified Practitioner, who has coordinated BodyTalk continuing education programs in New York City since 2010.

 I have completed all the foundation courses including BodyTalk Access, Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, and Matrix Dynamics. 

I became advanced certified in 2014 under the supervision of senior instructor Dr. Janet Galipo, which requires a series of written exams and the fulfillment of advanced academic coursework in the field of biological science. 

In 2017, I became PaRama Level One certified. PaRama means “higher wisdom” and is the advanced work of the BodyTalk founder, Dr. John Veltheim. PaRama allows for more complex priority-based formulas that can run for weeks at a time. This work is especially helpful for stubborn issues that cannot be addressed within the context of an individual session. 

My specialized training in BodyIntuitive, the latest course developed by Dr. Laura Stuve, PhD molecular biology & Dr. Janet Galipo, DOM combines the latest advances in Western science, such as epigenetics, the human microbiome, neuroplasticity of the brain and the mind-body connection, with ancient wisdom tradition of chinese medicine. 

In addition, my training in Bodytalk Direct, Circadian Rhythms and Orthopedic Evaluation Techniques help identify and optimize areas related to physical performance and stamina – including musculoskeletal coordination, posture, sleep, digestion, and mood. 

My participation in the BodyTalk community has also been active and evidenced in a number of ways in recent years. At the 2013 International BodyTalk Association Conference in Malta, my work as continuing education coordinator was presented. In May 2014, I was a guest presenter at the IBA Instructor’s Conference, discussing how to use matrix dynamics to develop a healthy and cooperative practitioner community. At the 2017 IBA Member’s Conference in Clearwater, Florida, I was invited to teach and share my unique approach to meditation, called the Radiant Human Meditation.