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A client requested an emergency distance session for her son who was coming down with what she called a “stomach bug” right before the family was about to leave for vacation. She was concerned that this was a becoming a pattern — the last time they had a trip scheduled he got sick right before and caused them to cancel their plans.

What came up as a priority to address was a belief system around the stress of traveling, and support for the immune system to reorganize it’s strategies related to manifesting sickness in order to receive nurturing, loving attention from his mother and father.

It came up as a priority to help his body transform this subconscious conflict by focusing on shifting the way the brain interprets messages coming from the stomach and spleen so that the enteric brain (gut-brain) could support the role of nurturing the body by strengthening the immune system instead.

According to his mother, he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. After listening to the session, she recalled an additional trip where he’d injured himself and had to miss out on all the fun activities they’d planned, which she felt was part of the story around “stress of traveling” and it resonated with what she was feeling intuitively regarding her concerns about this becoming a pattern of getting sick before travel!

BodyTalk for Children sessions are 45 minutes, and can be performed in person, over the phone, or remotely at a distance. Each session comes with notes and a recording.

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