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Integrative energy anatomy is a three-month peak performance coaching program that explores the nature of consciousness and aligning with destiny.

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Tonya Dee is a Holistic Shaman Medium, Otherworldly Life Coach, and Subtle Energy Surgeon, she goes by the term “Holistic SHA’Medium which is a merging of them ALL. The founder and creator of the SHA’ Academy ~ for healers, mystics, intuitive’s, medicine people and more, who need a community to open up their soul, gift and purpose. She choreographed the Musing Corridor, a Venue for Healing, for those that are “new” to the world of energy healing, Shamanism, etc. Wherever you are on your journey she will assist you and guide you in navigating the star that you are. She offers insights into astrology, elementals through webinars and private sessions. Through her REFLECTION, she guides you to connect to the magical being that resides within you, finding your exaltation to trust your intuition and align with the healing forces, the sustenance, life force of the universe.

On her YouTube channel [Tonya Dee] you will find Daily Snippets, that include: Cosmic Energy Insights, the Elemental Realm, as well as New Moon and Full Moon Opportunities with Rituals, Guided Meditations.



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