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Integrative Energy Anatomy

Three month peak performance coaching program
in the foundations of Radiant Human Meditation and biz alchemy

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Learn the Integrative Energy Anatomy Foundations of Radiant Human Meditation and Biz Alchemy

Demystify subtle energy by exploring concepts related to healing and manifestation to use in practical ways to create health, vitality and a sense of purpose. Prepare the body for working with intention in ways that bridge the practical with the mystical.
This program prepares you  for working with a separate vortex  to assist with the process of manifestation, whether working on personal or professional goals, and helps you grasp the energetic principles underlying how and when using a separate energy vortex can be beneficial.
The power of intention
Using archetypes to support constructive change
Harnessing intuition for insights and support
Explore why healing works at a distance
Understand the benefit of using an energy vortex

Program overview

Water & Electromagnetism
Healing & The Breath
Biological Basis of Intuition
Subtle Energy Anatomy

Program Benefits

  • New ways to achieve peak states for transformation
  • Integrate energy anatomy into your everyday life
  • Move beyond current limitations into possibility and positive action
  • Facilitate change from within
  • Bridge the gap between your current and desired reality
Twelve live group coaching calls
Tuesdays 12:15-1:45pm EST
All calls are recorded and made available within 24-48 hours to all participants.
Online group discussion forum for the duration of the program.
Additional pre-recorded material available on a password protected program portal to expand program topics and support your understanding of the concepts covered in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a certification course?

This course is both educational and experiential. If you are an energy healing practitioner, or someone who is interested in learning more about energy healing, you will benefit from this program! If you are interested in using energy healing for personal growth, you will also greatly benefit. This program is geared toward personal growth and is not a certification course at this time. 

How is this program different from the biz alchemy or strategic alchemy programs?

This program focuses on the underlying energy anatomy concepts that those programs are founded in. This program covers more information and has more of an educational component. If you have taken biz alchemy or strategic alchemy and have been curious about how it works, this is the program for you!

What is covered in the weekly live coaching calls?

Prior to each call you will receive material supporting the coaching topic to inspire you and spark ideas you may want to bring to the call to work with. This material is a combination of educational material and research to ground you in the concepts plus practical tools and tips for applying the concepts toward your health and wellness goals, for energy healing, and for manifesting positive change. Each topic will be paired with a guided meditation to attune to the energetic principles as an experiential and embodied practice for greater connection to and mastery of the concepts. 

Each call will be in an interactive Q&A group discussion format that focuses on your application of the concepts. There may be time for breakout groups & brainstorming depending on the needs of who makes it to the live call. Topics and formats will be guided by who shows up and what the individual needs are that day. That keeps the process spontaneous, engaging, and interactive!

I'm interested in joining your certification program, should I do this immersion?

You do not need to do this immersion in order to join the upcoming certification program. If you aren’t sure if that program is right for you, this immersion will give you a better idea by covering the foundational concepts that run throughout all our programs: Reiki, Radiant Human Meditation, Biz Alchemy, Strategic Alchemy, and Integrative Energy Coaching.