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Q: Okay, I get that BodyTalk works with stimulating the body’s capacity for self-healing, that it works with the body’s innate wisdom to establish priorities for each session, and I hear that sessions are supposed to be “cumulative”, but I’m really not sure what that means. I just had my first session and I’m not sure what to expect. Can you explain further? Thank you!

A: Great question! I would like to start off with a case study example.

A client came to me with lower back discomfort, and by the end of their first session the pain was completely gone!

In their next session I asked how their back was doing… they said the discomfort was gone for about a week. Although the symptoms returned, they seemed weaker than before and less persistent. In addition, they noticed feeling less stressed in general, and their sleep improved.

They also reported feeling more connected to what their body needed rather than feeling fixated on the lower back pain and discomfort all the time. They reported a sense of confidence that the symptoms would resolve, they now felt manageable, and this person felt ready to address some lifestyle changes that seemed previously impossible.

These are typical first-session results. We see some improvements in severity of primary symptoms, as well as areas we might not have expected.

BodyTalk sessions work like a tune-up for the system that is in charge of our health. Chronic stress affects our body’s ability to address imbalances and keep track of them. You can see improvement from just one session, and the body will continue to make these corrections long afterward, even without followup sessions.

However, rather than picking up where we left off at the end of the first session, whenever you return for a followup session there will be new priorities based on where the body has been able to improve and make corrections on its own.

In other words, the body can start to catch up on further underlying stress factors without needing to come back in for another session in order for that to happen. This is what we mean by “cumulative effects”.

Just like any other system of the body, the system keeping track of our health priorities needs care and maintenance. BodyTalk is one of the few and very effective modalities that work to improve this system, bringing our health goals into balance in a gentle, non-invasive way!

Blessings, Shelley