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Pediatrician practicing BodyTalk for Children

Last week, a client messaged me requesting an emergency distance session for her son who had a chest infection and had been spiking an unusually high fever. They were unable to stabilize him even after a visit to the ER where they had trouble determining the source of infection. The medications they’d prescribed weren’t making a difference.

With BodyTalk we can ask the body exactly what it needs to support the overall functioning of the body’s self-healing or self-correcting systems. It can be a great resource in times like this where the body’s systems are under so much stress tests can be inconclusive, or that the body is so weak it may not be able to utilize treatments effectively.

What came up as a priority to address was support for the heart, which had undergone some recent stress due to heat exhaustion, to restore the body’s hydrating function and support the immune system using energetic points associated with the circulating channels in the nervous and metabolic systems.

Within an hour of the session, his fever had dropped from 104.9 to 99 degrees. His heart rate had also dropped and his O2 levels increased.

That evening he was able to sleep, but woke up with an ear ache, which is a common area he tends to get sick.

Within 48 hours his earache was gone. He still had a low-grade fever and slight cough, but his condition had stabilized to the point where he was continuing to sleep well, had started playing again, as well as eating and drinking.

TESTIMONIAL: After the session, he took the time to send me a sweet little note from his mother. “I love Shelley! I really love her a lot! She is such a good person and does such good work on me.” He also said “Thank you Shelley for helping me. You are the best person I have ever known & you have helped me for the past years and thank for all that you have done, I really love you for that!”

BodyTalk for Children sessions are 45 minutes, and can be performed in person, over the phone, or remotely at a distance. Each session comes with notes and a recording.

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