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Hi Shelley, I have a question hoping you can share some insight. Quite often after a powerful session on my physical body I wake up the next day so completely dizzy I cannot walk. This happens most often when I go to the chiropractor or acupuncturist. However, it can be from long distance sessions too. I have seen some amazing results with my husband and kids, that transformation can occur or healing can happen very quickly. However, for me it seems that the dizziness is extreme, especially after my most recent acupuncture treatment to help get over a cold. It occurred to me you may have some experience with this or ideas about why this occurs. Can you help?

Sometimes treatments can feel invasive, especially when symptoms become worse afterward. A worst-case scenario is that even with the best intentions, your practitioner may unwittingly be taking an aggressive treatment approach by ignoring any priorities to healing or trying to force a shift before you are ready. Sometimes this can create what we refer to as a healing crisis — when symptoms get worse without creating any improvements with regard to the underlying stress factors that are causing them.

For instance, your acupuncturist may be detecting an imbalance accurately but the treatment was too overwhelming, was more than your system was ready for. If this is the case, your fatigue and dizziness might be the body’s way of letting you know.

The symptom of dizziness can manifest from a myriad of underlying imbalances. It’s best to go back to the source — in this case your acupuncturist — to find out what their treatment was attempting to address. This may provide some insights, and allows them to make an adjustments to your treatments, if needed. Practitioner/client relationships are very important, and your feedback helps them gain a better understanding of your health, increases trust, and improves the quality of future treatments.

In my practice, BodyTalk is a go-to modality because it honors the body’s innate capacity to know what the body is or isn’t ready for. BodyTalk sessions are non-invasive and non-diagnostic, meaning your body is the one establishing the priorities it is ready to balance today. With BodyTalk, the deeper underlying causes of your symptoms are allowed to be addressed at a time when the work can be effective, supporting deep and lasting changes rather than simply managing symptoms alone. In this regard, any indication of symptoms worsening is related to a shift in the underlying causes, and usually means that the body has enough energy and resources to address them.

It is my experience that if symptoms worsen after a BodyTalk session, it is usually for less than 48 hours with the outcome being that symptoms improve significantly or even completely. I always encourage my clients to let me know if this happens so we can discuss it and make sure they have the support they need, especially in the rare case symptoms persist and a referral is needed.

Thank you for this question, I hope you find this helpful!

Blessings, Shelley