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Learn a contemporary approach to
Alchemy & Manifestation that works with the wisdom of subtle energy and energy anatomy. 

This is not your typical personal coaching program. Its uniqueness lies in working with your business as a separate entity from you, with its own consciousness that has a deep reservoir of manifesting potential.

Rather than approaching your business as an extension of you, a co-dependent relationship of attachment that operates under your limiting beliefs and underlying issues, business alchemy taps into the wisdom of subtle energy to unburden the weight of having to carry your business and all the stress that may come from making decisions, especially during times of growth, change, and uncertainty. 

Learn a process that takes you deep into self inquiry, allowing your business to catalyze a process of increased resilience that includes your health and well-being in addition to it’s own vitality. Through this higher octave of understanding, you are empowered in a role as co-creator in chief.

Instead of working with budgets, goals, and strategic planning as external stressors to accomplish idealized goals within outdated traditional paradigms, you will be utilizing them as tools for manifestation, to transform your business, career, or other goals in ways that are aligned with the true potential your business possesses.



Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like to use your innate intuitive gifts to manifest vitality or resilience in your life and business?

These Biz Alchemy sessions are a vital part of my business. I’ve been doing Shelley’s personal coaching program for five years, and continue to be amazed by the results. My work requires me to be ready and available mind body and soul. By separating my business as a separate entity from me, I can have a bad day without it affecting my business and vice versa.

The program offers tools to understand every aspect of how I want to grow and what steps are needed to make said growth happen. When opportunities come in that seem great financially but are completely out of alignment, the work we’ve done protects me from making a decision that isn’t serving me.

Tara Nicolas, Nike Brand Ambassador & Actor

Feeling stuck in your comfort zone? Afraid to tackle opening a business? Need a career change? 

Transform your understanding of the role money, performance, success, and relationships play in business 

Your relationship with money, and all the belief systems inherent in that, is examined at its core. Gain an understanding of money as an energetic exchange that can be utilized towards the achievement of your goals, rather than an “item on a static spreadsheet,” as taught in business school. Learn to use a unique discovery process that identifies what financial targets will maximize your efforts and focus your attention on places you may not otherwise think would manifest results. Exercises that promote this process of inner alchemy include but are not limited to breathwork, meditation, visualization, and energy work, as needed.

Traditional paradigms of work and life are shifting, with astrological-cosmic energies supporting these changes in ways like never before. More feminine ways of engaging in the world, through traits such as listening, compassion, and sharing, are increasingly becoming more important and valued. This is good news for all of us, but especially women, who historically, and perhaps out of fear, lack of knowledge, or a combination of both, have relegated money management to authority figures.

Learn how to break out of subconscious limiting behaviors that inhibit our capacity to cultivate and receive prosperity on all levels by discovering and working with the positive archetypes of survival. 

Outdated traditional definitions of success can be a major inhibiting factor to outlining and aligning with strategies that are right for you. Business Alchemy helps you create a personal definition of success and a thriving endeavor structured and aligned with that definition.

You may not have an idea of what that is right now, but by the end of our process, you will be well on your way to discovering gifts and abilities you never even knew or appreciated, and how to effectively apply them to realize your dreams. It’s an exciting time for everyone to be an entrepreneur, but the right tools are needed. Once learned, your inherent potential for manifesting success is only amplified. Let me help you get there.

Guided Meditation

Meditation changes your brain’s structure and function and awakens your innate intuitive abilities. These unique Business Alchemy meditations focus on creating a separate, autonomous manifesting vortex suffused with the frequencies of potential. 

Energy Healing

Energy healing on your business optimizes its ability to tap into its manifesting potential. In this program, Shelley facilitates sessions that work cumulatively over its course.

Guided Instruction

Business Alchemy offers a unique process to help clarify your manifesting intentions and use your intuition to direct and influence your outcomes. Learn to use Business Alchemy to attract new opportunities, increase resilience, and align with your unique intuitive gifts to create lasting and sustainable results! Each session builds on the next, clarifying an aspect of alchemy and manifestation that illuminates your capacity for self-mastery and positive change. By the end of the program, you will have a complete process that you can use on your own. 

Casting Your Vortex 

One of the most exciting parts of the program is establishing your business vortex as a separate entity from you, that holds within it a frequency attuned to your manifesting potential. Throughout the program, you will learn how to use your innate intuitive abilities to effect lasting change in both your personal and professional life.  This engages a unique dynamic between you, your vortex, and the universal forces that allows your vortex to act as a “coach” that teaches you how to identify and use your gifts of alchemy and manifestation. Holding intentions becomes a focusing tool to learn alchemy and manifestation, rather than get a “specific result”.  

Rituals & Daily Practice

Ritual and discipline are the containers to create lasting and sustainable change. We will explore alchemy in stillness, dynamic embodiment, and intuitive action. If you feel overworked or drained, rituals can help you channel your energy in more productive ways to create resilience on all levels.

Personal Attention & Ongoing Support

Each program is personal and tailored to your unique individual needs. This is not a rote program full of advice or “how-to” information. Instead, we work together from where you are to identify the areas where you need support, and begin from there, within the context of a single session throughout the course of your personal coaching program.

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Plan Options

ALCHEMY & MANIFESTATION CONSULTATION – This three-hour session provides the opportunity to work with specific questions about alchemy & manifestation. Subtle energy wisdom holds within it a clear pathway to purposefully align with our potential and thrive. Surf the waves of consciousness to create a life of embodied purpose, engage in new and exciting alchemical pathways as a creator of your own destiny. The key is attuning to the frequency of your desire, using a unique mediation and manifestation process that guides you through unwinding your current energy patterns and creating new ones more aligned with your true potential. Three hours – $450.

30 DAY PRACTICE – Craft a powerful intention and cast a manifesting vortex that will help you work toward your desired outcome. For the next thirty days you will add something nourishing and remove a strong habit to create new neural pathways for transformation to be practiced daily. We meet four more times for half an hour throughout the month to check in and refine your process with meditation, energy healing, or anything else that comes up.  This program includes one 90-minute and four separate half-hour consultations – $450.

MONEY MASTERY – Perfect for anyone looking to find better ways of working with the consciousness of money to manifest financial resources for growth. Money can also mean resources but in this program we work with a specific process for identifying trackable financial goals and use the biz alchemy process to support manifesting outcomes that result in financial stability, growth, and money mastery. Two separate three-hour retreats PLUS one 90-minute session between retreats to check in and refine your process – $1025. 

VORTEX SESSIONS – Learn a unique process of working with a completely separate manifesting vortex that to align with your purpose and create clearer pathways for transformation using energy maps and guided meditation. This program includes three 3-hour Retreats PLUS nine half hour check-ins to tune up the vortex, do energy healing, and answer any questions you might have – $1550.  

ONE YEAR ALCHEMY & MANIFESTATION PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAM – Work with a monthly process to increase your intuitive connection to your business. This ongoing program is perfect for someone looking to uplevel their manifesting potential and find a way to more deeply connect to your business as it’s own energy system with it’s own consciousness. This program includes Biz Alchemy Immersion (worth $1300), additional 10% session discounts as part of the Biz Alchemy Immersion Program PLUS a year of Moon Sessions (worth $432). $5400 or $475/month

  • Four hour mini-retreat to start the program
  • Four hour mini-retreat midway through the program
  • One two hour mini-retreat a month to intensively work through each month’s focus and set up a manifesting grid for the month
  • Three half hour check ins each month to tune the vortex, do energy healing, and refine intentions
  • Additional resources and tools Shelley has developed for biz alchemy that are not available otherwise.
  • You’ll have access to Shelley’s full set of tools for complete energetic support for you and your business