BodyAttune Moon Sessions

Twelve-month Integrative Group Health and Wellness Coaching Program

What is the vision of wellness you’d like to create for the year ahead?

Learn to program the subconscious mind using intention, align with the new and full moon energies to access deep healing, and increase your powers of manifestation!

Moon Cycle Dates 2022

  Group meditation and healing sessions are held on weekdays as close to the current moon cycle date as possible. 

Sunday, January 2, 1:33 PM New Moon in Capricorn

Monday, January 17, 6:48 PM — Full Moon in Cancer

Tuesday, February 1, 12:45 AM — New Moon in Aquarius

Wednesday, February 16, 11:56 PM — Full Moon in Leo

Wednesday, March 2, 12:34 AM – New Moon in Pisces

Friday, March 18, 3:17 AM — Full Moon in Virgo

Friday, April 1, 2:24 AMNew Moon in Aries

Saturday, April 16, 2:54 PM — Full Moon in Libra

Saturday, April 30, 4:27 PM — New moon in Taurus *Solar Eclipse

Monday, May 16, 12:13 AM — Full Moon in Scorpio *Lunar Eclipse

Monday, May 30, 7:30 AM New moon in Gemini

Tuesday, June 14, 7:51 AM — Full Moon in Sagittarius *Super Moon*

Tuesday, June 28, 10:52 PMNew Moon in Cancer

Wednesday, July 13, 2:37 PM — Full Moon in Capricorn *Super Moon*

Thursday, July 28, 1:54 PM New Moon in Leo

Thursday, August 11, 9:35 PM — Full Moon in Aquarius

Saturday, August 27, 4:16 AMNew moon in Virgo

Saturday, September 10, 5:58 AM — Full Moon in Pisces

Sunday, September 25, 5:54 PM New moon in Libra

Sunday, October 9, 2:54 PM — Full Moon in Aries

Tuesday, October 25, 6:48 AMNew moon in Scorpio *Solar Eclipse

Tuesday, November 8, 6:01 AM — Full Moon in Taurus *Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, November 23, 5:57 PM — New moon in Sagittarius

Wednesday, December 7, 11:07 PM — Full Moon in Gemini

Friday, December 23, 5:16 AM – New Moon in Capricorn *Super Moon*

“I really appreciate you facilitating these sessions, they have helped me flow with life a lot more smoothly. I already feel and am sensitive to the moon energies, so it’s nice to be aware of what intentions are helpful for each moon cycle, rather than feeling overwhelmed and bombarded as I have before this work.”

- Program Participant

Lunar Chronobiology Attunement

Research has shown the moon phases have a strong impact on the body’s circadian rhythms. Each lunar chronobiology attunement is unique and specific to how your biorhythms have been impacted by circadian disruption over time, and helps synchronize your body’s clock using the moon phases. These sessions hold many benefits: improved sleep, more energy during the day, improved detoxification and metabolism, and emotional balance.

Moon Sessions Group Healing Circle

(Membership good for 12 months)

  • Use the moon session workshop to craft your vision of health for the year 
  • Refine and clarify that vision in your 90-minute personal session and use your astrological chart as your blueprint for health to become aware of what challenges and opportunities to look out for in the year ahead.
  • Manifest your vision each month through the breath cycle of the new and full moon, refining and aligning your current reality toward the vision you are creating during the group meditation and energy healing sessions.
  • Shelley breaks down each house, lifecycle, and archetype of the zodiac thoroughly to give you full awareness of how to refine your intentions each new and full moon, with a specific breath practice to move the energy of your intentions deep within the subtle body, attuning your energy to clear resistances with ease and receive all you are calling in, in harmony with the energy of each moon cycle!
  • The Moon Sessions format provides a container for embodying different peak energetic states that attune the body to a positive relationship to change, and resilience to stress.
  • Research studies show that meditation has many health benefits. It improves sleep and immune function, increases energy, restores healthy metabolism, and improves the ability to regulate one’s emotions.
  • The online group discussion forum is a place to share resources and give feedback on what you are feeling and experiencing from the sessions, to connect with other members, and support each other’s health and wellness goals!
Program includes:
  • Twenty-four bimonthly group meditation and healing sessions
  • One 90-minute personal consultation
  • Moon Sessions workshop that covers the underlying alchemical principles we use in this program and how to use ritual to increase the results of your group sessions. This is a pre-recorded, three-hour workshop available on-demand. 
  • Participation in a secret facebook discussion group where resources on integrative health and wellness are shared for ongoing coaching support

Enrollment Options

Year-long Online Integrative Health and Wellness
Group Coaching Program
Pay in full

Year-long Online Integrative Health and Wellness
Group Coaching Program
Payment plan

Lunar Chronobiology Attunement 
60 minute individual consultation