Radiant Human Meditation Practitioner Development Program

Learn to guide yourself and others through the journey of self-healing using subtle energy, breathwork, and meditation.

The Radiant Human Meditation (RHM) is a whole-body practice that awakens and develops the observing mind by following sensations at the level of the breath as it moves through the body. This is an experiential and non-hierarchal process, offering vast directions of exploration supported by contemporary understandings of subtle energy and it’s relationship to the development of your unique human potential. The RHM is taught in a format that awakens consciousness and develops the inner realms of the spirit. In the RHM, you come as you are, and are seen as well as heard, receiving validation for the unique human being you are. Time and space are taken in order to experience meditation in digestible pieces, allowing for personalized integration.

Explore the nature of consciousness and the deep inner workings of the mind

Learn three meditations that journey through the subtle body to awaken consciousness and program the subconscious mind using positive emotions, intentions, and the breath.

Subtle Body Activation

Learn to activate the chakras and harness their energetic attributes for intuition development, the transformation of consciousness, and self-mastery. This program works with a fifteen-chakra system that regulates the circulation of consciousness throughout the body.

Practitioner Development

Harness your gifts and increase your confidence as a practitioner through self development. This program is appropriate for anyone wishing to offer more depth in their existing health care or wellness practice: therapists, bodyworkers, yogis, acupuncturists, fitness professionals, health coaches, energy healers, etc.

“Meditation can dramatically increase the power of intention and provides an opportunity to experience the deep inner workings of the authentic self.”

– Shelley Poovey

Taught in Six Modules:

One live, online class one day per month with a final weekend for sharing and integration. Next course dates have not been set.

The Art of Listening

Practice a form of meditation that uses curiosity and observation to activate the archetypal mind, awaken consciousness at a cellular level, and develop self awareness. It is a form of active listening that can be practiced on yourself or for others. 

Saturday, 10am- 7pm EST 

The Art of Presence

Learn a unique breath practice that disrupts the habituated subconscious patterns of the mind. Practice cueing techniques that work with the power of presence to transform the experience of meditation for yourself and others. 

Saturday, 10am- 7pm EST 

The Alchemy of Enlightenment

Explore enlightenment as an alchemical process of aligning the flow of energy across densities of frequencies. Use the meditation to increase harmony between the subtle body fields and access your unique blueprint for health.

Saturday, 10am- 7pm EST 

The Alchemy of Desire

Explore meditation as a method to program the subconscious mind with your conscious desires for manifestation, personal growth, and transformation of consciousness.

Saturday, 10am- 7pm EST 

Trauma & Bliss

Learn how to use meditation for intuition development. Explore trauma as a pathway to self-realization and bliss. 

Saturday, 10am- 7pm EST 

The Art of Practice

A final weekend of integration and celebration that completes a deep process of self-exploration. Share the unique practice or program you’ve developed for feedback in preparation for sharing your work with others.

Saturday, 10am- 7pm EST 

Concepts and Philosophies Covered:

Principles of The Radiant Human Meditation

Explore the theory of the human energy egg: a fifteen-chakra understanding of the subtle energy body as a framework for the evolution of consciousness. Explore structures and concepts related to the blueprint for health as a journey into these alchemical fields to cultivate inner radiance and a deep sense of well-being.

Philosophy of Alchemy & Manifestation

Explore philosophical questions that arise related to the practice from a cross-discipline perspective. Topics include:

  • Ego, Higher Self, and Universal Consciousness in relationship to embodiment practices
  • Positive Psychology Overview: A contemporary understanding of how to transform consciousness and harness our manifesting potential by looking at the neuroscience of change
  • Tantric approach to self-study with a review of Sankalpa practices, the Koshas, and Vayus:  Intention engages the spirit, desire creates a meaningful container to explore the nature of subtle energy
  • Esoteric Concepts of Alchemy & Manifestation: Explore mysteries to cultivate inner wisdom and integrate that which can only be known by looking within


Practical Considerations

Explore scientific approaches to understanding how meditation provides a framework for deep transformation. Topics include:

  • Research of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • The Biomechanics of Breathing: A Whole-Body Perspective
  • Neuroplasticity: How meditation literally changes your brain
  • Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology: A brief overview of an emerging field that studies the relationships between the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems
  • The Biological Basis of Intuition: A brief introduction to theories and research from neuroscience, psychology, and other related fields

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If the slightest whisper of your inner self is suggesting the Radiant Human Meditation Practitioner Development Program,  I believe it’s because you’re ready to change your life—the world—and your way of being in the world. 

I’ve known Shelley in many capacities for several years, and hold her knowledge and way of being in the highest esteem. She is deeply knowledgeable about all things energy, body, and soul, but even more importantly, she is wise. When she speaks, I listen, because her words encapsulate details and truth. She is an amazing teacher and way-shower and you’d be beyond fortunate to study or work with her.”

Cyndi Dale

Author of 27 Books On Energy Medicine

Insight Timer Reviews

I’m currently following a course to be a healer.  This meditation is a very different, and POWERFUL “tool” for me to access and develop my healing energy.  I felt it increasing in me at my first attempt!  Thank you very much for sharing your guidance.  Namaste.


Lyon, France

This meditation contains a unique method of sweeping the breath and awareness through the body in different directions.  I enjoyed it so much.  It felt like a cleansing practice.


Tuscon, AZ

Wow, the heightened sensations I experienced during this breath meditation were nothing short of amazing. I feel both attuned to and transported out of my body!


Philadelphia, PA

Thank you.  I liked your guidance helping me to feel my breath sweeping through my body.  I feel as though I’ve cleansed, but let air circulate throughout.



Very nice.  Guiding meditation which left me both relaxed and energized, with a sense of fresh radiance.



Wow! Feeling energetic and ready for the day!  Enjoyed the varied sensations I felt during this meditation.  Thank you!



This is a wonderful practice.  Intelligently delivered, great tempo, allowing for pause between thoughts.  Thank you!



I don’t usually listen to guided meditations. A friend recommended this.  It’s excellent!


North Carolina

The most powerful practice I’ve found so far in exploring these meditations.



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 Meet The Facilitators

Shelley Poovey

Shelley Poovey

Lead Facilitator

BS Psychology UNC-Chapel Hill. E-RYT 200. Reiki Master. Creator of the Radiant Human Meditation. 

Tara Nicolas

Tara Nicolas

Assistant Faciliator

Nike Master Trainer. Reiki 2 practitioner. RYT 200. Certified Radiant Human Meditation Practitioner.

This Program is a Yoga Alliance Approved

Continuing Education Course

Techniques, Training, and Practice

Teaching Methodology

Anatomy & Physiology

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

Invest In Yourself

This program is specifically designed for anyone looking to go deeper into self-inquiry and explore the nature of human potential. No meditation experience is required to join. If you feel called, we would love to work with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a certification program?

Yes, upon completion you will receive a certificate and be able to call yourself a Radiant Human Meditation teacher, with an option to be listed in our practitioner directory. If you are a yoga teacher you can receive CEUs through Yoga Alliance.

There will be a Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two attunement offered during the course of this program as an additional but separate component. Those who register for and complete both attunements will also be certified as Reiki Level Two practitioners at the end of the full Radiant Human Meditation Practitioner Development Program. Reiki Level Two is an accepted credential to qualify for liability insurance, an important part of having a professional energy healing practice. 

Do I need meditation experience to take this course? What if I haven't practiced RHM before?

No previous experience is required, however, we do suggest taking the RHM workshops which are experiential in nature and allow you time to digest and synthesize the practice for your own sense of well-being.  You will have ample time in this program to evolve and deepen a personal practice.

Is everything held online? If so, will the course be recorded, or do I have to attend live?

All live events, classes and practice groups happen online. You must be present, no recordings will be provided. Exceptions can be made under extenuating circumstances, but due to the experiential nature of this training it is recommended you attend all live events and participate in the practice sessions. 

Is this program appropriate for me if I am not a practitioner or plan on becoming one?

Yes! So much can be learned from being in a supportive environment where it is safe to explore the deep inner workings of the practice with like-minded people. Working with others in the practice sessions can be of great benefit by sharing insights and awareness as well.

Is this work safe?

This practice is very gentle, anyone can do it. The meditation is practiced in a comfortable seat or lying down. We will spend some time finding a comfortable seat at the beginning of the program, and teach you how to help your students find a comfortable position for optimal practice. However, if you have any health concerns you feel we need to be aware of, please let us know in advance so we can tailor the practice to your specific needs once the program begins.


What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. Any portion of the program fee remaining can be applied to any service or program at BodyAttune for equivalent value. 

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