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BodyAttune Radiant Human Meditation

Radiant Human Meditation

The Radiant Human Meditation (RHM) is a whole-body practice that awakens and develops the observing mind by following sensations at the level of the breath as it moves through the body. 


The Radiant Human Meditation (RHM) is a whole-body practice that awakens and develops the observing mind by following sensations at the level of the breath as it moves through the body. 

This is an experiential and non-hierarchal process, offering vast directions of exploration supported by contemporary understandings of subtle energy and it’s relationship to the development of your unique human potential.

The RHM is taught in a format that awakens consciousness and develops the inner realms of the spirit. In the RHM, you come as you are, and are seen as well as heard, receiving validation for the unique human being you are. Time and space are taken in order to experience meditation in digestible pieces, allowing for personalized integration.


Meditation is an evidence-based practice that has many health benefits: 

  • Reduce stress

  • Balance emotions

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Reduce the impacts of aging

  • Improve focus and performance 
  • Personal and spiritual growth

“Meditation can dramatically increase the power of intention and provides an opportunity to experience the deep inner workings of the authentic self.”

– Shelley Poovey

Explore the nature of consciousness and the deep inner workings of the mind

Learn a meditation that programs the subconscious mind using embodiment, positive emotions, intention, and the breath.


Self Development

There are some places in your journey you must go alone. The Radiant Human Meditation provides a safe and supported format to be guided within by an experienced and knowledgable facilitator who can tailor the practice to what you need and are interested in exploring. 

Subtle Body Activation

Learn to use the breath as a tool for increasing your vital energy, and to stay present with body sensations as a way to transform difficulty into ease. 

Insight Timer Reviews

I’m currently following a course to be a healer.  This meditation is a very different, and POWERFUL “tool” for me to access and develop my healing energy.  I felt it increasing in me at my first attempt!  Thank you very much for sharing your guidance.  Namaste.


Lyon, France

This meditation contains a unique method of sweeping the breath and awareness through the body in different directions.  I enjoyed it so much.  It felt like a cleansing practice.


Tuscon, AZ

Wow, the heightened sensations I experienced during this breath meditation were nothing short of amazing. I feel both attuned to and transported out of my body!


Philadelphia, PA

Thank you.  I liked your guidance helping me to feel my breath sweeping through my body.  I feel as though I’ve cleansed, but let air circulate throughout.



Very nice.  Guiding meditation which left me both relaxed and energized, with a sense of fresh radiance.



Wow! Feeling energetic and ready for the day!  Enjoyed the varied sensations I felt during this meditation.  Thank you!



This is a wonderful practice.  Intelligently delivered, great tempo, allowing for pause between thoughts.  Thank you!



I don’t usually listen to guided meditations. A friend recommended this.  It’s excellent!


North Carolina

The most powerful practice I’ve found so far in exploring these meditations.



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