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This meditation practice has carried me through some very tough times, and I hope it feels helpful to you.

In the book Heal Thy Self, I describe a period in my life where I thought I was going crazy, insane, or possibly cursed! When in fact the true nature of loving kindness, creation, and the interconnectedness of my life was being laid out in all its many facets before me, way beyond logic, reason, and any sense of control.

I know through my work that we all have the capacity to experience this incredible loving energy, to heal, and receive our soul’s plan.

Very often our greatest fears, deepest wounds, biggest regrets are the source of our true power, and healing.

Sit with the question: What if your worst fears were true?

Feel yourself inside that truth. Feel that reality. Let it permeate your being.
In this horrible place can you still access unconditional love? Is it possible to love yourself?

Sit with this reality, accept it completely as true even though a part of you may want to resist it or knows it’s not absolute.

Can you love yourself inside this space?

Take your time. Sometimes it can be hours or days before you can access love in this place.

Once you find it, be with that feeling for as long as you’d like. The practice usually completes on its own. You may discover a greater sense of freedom from these fears and uncomfortable feelings after this practice.