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BodyAttune was featured in The Wall Street Journal on May 10th, 2015.

Photojournalist Cassi Alexandra met me in December 2014 for a series of photography shoots based on exploring the lives of modern-day ‘healers’. We did a shoot at the native american caves in Inwood Park, where I reside, in honor of my native american heritage. We then convened in my apartment to explore some of the tools I use in my practice (mainly for my own self-care and well being): BioGeometry pendulums, crystals, oils, and herbs. The photograph that was published features me swinging what is called a ‘neutral pendulum’ which can be calibrated to anything and used as a way to balance from a distance. I use it everyday to balance myself between sessions.

The article was originally published on her website. Please check it out and follow her on social media!