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ANGER: A natural and healthy emotion?!

Yes. Anger is the energy that moves things that are stuck! Think of the energy it takes for a seed to sprout…for it to change from the condensed, contracted form into a plant that is able to root in the ground and push to the surface. We often think of anger as an undesirable feeling, and is considered socially inappropriate in many cultures, but we need it in it’s purest form to help organize change and help redirect our resources from time to time. When it shows up for us in this fashion, we can welcome it as energy that is assisting us in getting where we need to go, and can sometimes be the quickest path to effective change.

However — if we’ve been holding off on decisions or making changes for a long time, we may experience anger expressed inwardly – repressed anger can show up as depression, fear, anxiety, frustration, or overwhelm. Or, we’ve been holding back for so long that when it finally shows up, the anger is exaggerated as rage, hate, or destructive behavior.

If either of these two cases are happening, transforming this potentially detrimental form of energy into something productive is of the utmost importance! When we’ve been holding back change for too long, a ton of coping mechanisms show up in the form of changes in sleep, diet, relationships, and the ability to organize, plan, and implement decisions.

Transformation begins with basic self care. Get back onto a regular sleep routine. Increase intake of alkaline water, and try to eat nourishing foods regularly and often without overdoing it. Revisit your “to-do” list: take care of anything you’ve been putting off as soon as you can, if it’s possible. Cross anything off that doesn’t need to be there. Have those difficult conversations where you tell those you love you might be a little less available for a while. They love you, and will understand! If they don’t seem to get it at first, just know that you are setting a wonderful example for them — they may also be in overwhelm and have no idea about self-care and setting healthy boundaries! Enjoy your leadership role – simple usually does end up being better, for everyone.

Sometimes these long-term patterns of holding off can make it seem almost impossible when you do try to make changes for the better. And in my practice, the concept of “natural emotion of anger” shows up all the time in sessions in many different ways to remind us at the energetic level that we have this most basic tool for clearing out the clutter and making room for new and exciting change. Some people find they prefer to come in and fulfill an amazing breath-focused workout that gets them into flow and rhythm, others need hands-on attention with BodyTalk, Aromatouch, or Reiki to reboot, rewire, nourish, and heal from the inside. Others ask me to hold the space for them while they meditate, connecting into positive emotions, the breath, and developing self awareness. I love it all. And I am here everyday, showing up in support.

Sometimes our body forgets how magnificent it can be. And it is truly magnificent!