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Co-creation and codependency are mutually exclusive when it comes to alchemy and manifestation

Releasing codependent thinking is an important part of speaking the universal language of manifestation. It shifts us into an empowerment paradigm, where manifestation becomes easier. We become co-creators, working in harmony with the universal forces of nature. Without codependent behaviors driving our decisions, we are free to receive and work with all our resources independently. 

collage-spiralsTechnically, manifestation itself is easy. Life is in essence a gift and all that comes with it is truly magnificent. From an energetic perspective we are already forces of nature that are becoming, unfolding, and being every moment of every day.

However, it is not always possible to access that level of awareness in our everyday experiences, feeling confined by a mundane reality, feeling that our full potential is being blocked or restricted by our current circumstances.

Sometimes we are ready to take the gift of life and make the magnificence shine brighter, full of more awareness, more peace, more joy on a daily basis.

Sometimes we feel a desire to shift our energies toward feeling better, toward developing new relationships, creating something new but are feeling stuck. 

Sometimes we accept life in ways that are not beneficial for us and it takes an illness, trauma, or disruption to help us realize we need change even if we do not feel ready or capable.

When we decide to step outside our comfort zone, it’s good to have the proper tools and guidance to make the process fully effective, leaving behind codependent patterns of behavior, the entanglements that keep us feeling trapped and blocked.

The essence of codependent behavior is the victim-rescuer-abuser dynamic. If you are unhappy with your current circumstances or looking to build on what’s working for you, you might find yourself feeling like a victim, or having been abused…

…you might find yourself leaning a little too hard on the powers of the universal forces, expecting a miraculous, instantaneous recovery. Expecting a grand sorcerer to ride in on a glittery unicorn, rescuing you from the pain, anguish, and unpleasantness you are feeling right now…

…and when the miracle doesn’t happen? A codependent feels abandoned by the universe, sabotaging all the progress that may have been happening in the form of opportunities for healing, for redirecting energy as it arises in new directions. Instead of feeling rejected, an empowered co-creator takes everything that comes as information to be used toward manifesting their desired outcomes. 

Plain and simple: Codependency has no place in the process of manifesting intention. In order to fully harness the power of co-creation you have to let go of the old victim-abuser-rescuer paradigm.

Co-creation embraces neutrality, curiosity, desire, and positive emotions as the proper tools for creating the life you love right now.

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