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The heart is the commander, harmonizer, and synthesizer of all the systems of the body. It houses our deepest wisdom, intelligence, and intuitive capacity.

One might imagine that the internal state of the heart also embodies these qualities.

However, the energetic quality of the heart is actually complete chaos.

One of the amazing qualities of chaos is it’s capacity to bring about instantaneous states of organization and entropy. Chaos is the energetic state of the formless — the same quality the universe had before it was created. It holds all possible outcomes and all potentiality in equal state.

The heart is the field that holds the energy of miracles, manifestation, and instantaneous transformation. 

The heart is always taking information and re-organizing it through vibration. Here, harmony functions more like a master pianist striking a few chords on a finely-tuned piano rather than carrying out any conscious concept of how we wish for our lives to be organized.

If the heart were a mother or matriarch of a family, it would function as the person that everyone comes to for unconditional nurturing support. The nurturing mother figure is the one who can intuitively pick up on how each individual fits in relationship the bigger picture. This person is attuned to the overall group dynamic, able to direct each person toward creating balance not only for themselves, but everyone else as well.

The effect is harmonious but the job is non-linear and requires being in the moment at all times.

This can feel fatiguing and quite lonely at times. Especially when the heart has lost a sense of personal connection to source, to the divine spark of joy and life. 

We have been working hard to connect to our higher purpose, and taking action in directions that seem to be heart-centered and full of purpose. But lately we may have felt confronted by how things don’t always turn out as we would expect, or in a timing that we believe is ideal. However, there truly is a divine timing to all things coming manifest, and sometimes all there is to do is wait until things are ready to show up for us. So what do we do in the mean time?

This Lion’s gate portal, eclipse-season in the sign of LEO is the perfect time to rest in the simple pleasures while life reorganizes around all the intentions we have put into place.

This full moon in aquarius is the time for reset and reintegration, for reconnecting the heart to that infinite nourishing well of universal divine consciousness, of potentiality, manifestation, and the miraculous recovery of any sense of having lost our way, purpose, or direction in life. 

What nourishes the heart? Pleasure, indulging in things that genuinely bring you joy and sensual enjoyment in life. It’s the SIMPLE PLEASURES like kindnesses, the laughter of a children playing, sending a sweet message to a loved one, taking a long walk with a friend, jumping in the ocean, or making a yummy meal…

The little joys in life nourish our life force and support manifesting of our full potential.

That fire energy, the sensual energy of LEO supports a deeper connection to our NORTH STAR, our personal expression of our connection to source and supports healing our wounded child…bringing us into a nice, realistic, profoundly grounded awakening to our true gifts, our true potential.

An embodiment rather than an idea, allowing life to unfold in its manifesting process, to be perfectly imperfect.

The more we refine and deepen our connection to source the more our gifts can come forward effortlessly and with ease.

The purity of that connection radiates through our actions, intentions, and shines more brightly as we let go and learn to trust the process more fully.

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