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As the full moon energy in Capricorn approaches, we may become more aware of how difficult it really can be to transcend areas in our life where we feel wounded.

Despite our best efforts, it can seem as if life continues to reflect back to us our failures, especially where we have not been able to meet the expectations of others or society.

It’s in those areas we may feel intense struggle or limitation at moving beyond our “story” as we continue to shed layers of old identity, false sense of self, and habits or tendencies associated with that.

Core issues may surface time and again, seemingly to demonstrate the futility of effort in striving to achieve our potential, embody our best self, and improve performance.

However, there is an opportunity to reframe this experience in deep awareness that if we are to become our best, we must accept the challenges that arise which force us to confront aspects of ourselves that we feel lacking in or dislike…

At a soul level, we came here to express our gifts, but also to learn. Both are important and this moon cycle is shifting the dynamic where we are becoming less likely to gloss over our weaknesses and focus instead on an idealized vision of reality which we may never be able to fully achieve without embracing where we need to grow.

Now is the time to approach the areas where we feel wounded with an intention of crafting a life that includes nurturing those areas with ritual or discipline. Where can we approach these areas as patterns to revisit time and again to develop more wisdom, ingenuity, and grace?

Doing so can help create a more balanced relationship to our authentic self that invites more creativity, fun, acceptance, and loving kindness.

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