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Our conscious desires are often driven by the belief that what we have isn’t enough, or from a lack of fulfillment. What we attract in our life that leads to these beliefs and experiences are usually subconscious dynamics that stem from inner conflict within the psyche: disassociated parts of wounded ego identity as well as archetypes and patterns from the collective conscious that are shifting.

At a soul level there comes a desire to fulfill our highest purpose in this lifetime, as well as learn, grow, and transform. We can observe the concept of a soul in a few ways: the part of us that is eternal and lives in the timeless unity consciousness, that incarnates and experiences linear time, and at some point will return to source. To that we could also observe a “collective soul” that is eternal and within the souls incarnate at any given moment there is a collective experience of the process of this specific linear time, and all the challenges that come from striving to bridge the gap between what we sense is possible from the eternal, and what we are able to actually manifest in this lifetime, as individuals, or as a collective.

This disparity carries a charge to it, and is part of what drives us toward self-improvement, transformation, spirituality, and growth on all levels. However, evolution comes at a price — old paradigms and beliefs must be shed in order to grow. This brings about conflict. Lots of conflict!

The Full Moon In Pisces brings an incredible opportunity for a great leap in evolution. As we actively seek out even the most positive and well-intentioned desires to manifest in our lives the resources required to fulfill this wish must be liberated. Thus begins the process of shedding habits, patterns, false identities or masks, as well as relationships and situations that no longer serve our greater good.

Pisces moon carries the quality of “thinning the veil” — which increases everyone’s capacity to see through the bullshit, so to speak, and gain access more genuine compassion and understanding on more levels than we are used to perceiving. Timeline and dimensional shifts are more fully accessible, including access to unity or source consciousness, which can nourish us during these times of struggle and support us through the journey.

The parts of us that are wounded may rear their ugly heads to be seen, heard, felt, and integrated during this time. The pain and sense of woundedness very often stems from a sense of failure or rejection of achieving our highest potential as individuals or collectively. It is the wounded aspect of the psyche that comes to recognize that all is not lost, that whatever it experienced has actually supported learning the difficult lessons the soul has come here to experience, and the paradoxical revelation may occur that in order for the higher self to fully achieve its full potential, any sense of pain or injustice must now be shed in order for that energy to be liberated and used for other purposes.

So with every pleasant thing comes an unpleasant thing…as these aspects surface to be integrated into our conscious concept of self identity, we become more unconditionally loving and accepting of our life as it is. This energy becomes replete, resonating in wholeness in a way can bring about miraculous transformation. Not only personally, but collectively as well.

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