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Coming out of this five-month retrograde cycle, Jupiter turns direct, expanding into the spaces we have been creating while we attended to cleaning out everything that surfaced since January that is no longer our story.

In our reorganization something is missing – a container to support the expansion and create outcomes that embody abundance that is sustainable.

The energy from the new moon in Gemini pushed us to release a dualistic approach to solving the problems that we believe exist based on our past failures.

You may have felt a lot of nervous energy in the form of mental agitation, heart palpitations, catastrophic thinking, or sleep disruptions that lead to constipation or other digestive disturbances.

All this was a gathering of the parts and pieces left scattered from our inner work that was collecting, the culmination of integration that has been going on since the beginning of the year.

This was a deep core layer of us that is ready to be shed allowing us to emerge and manifest the vision we have had for how we wish to express our authentic desires.

For those of you following the moon cycles since 2015 you may have noticed that the end of 2016 brought great clarity for what your true purpose is, and your new years intentions may have catalyzed this final layer to shed, which holds many generations of ancestral information  that is being released as we move into a new era.

We see this being reflected in our collective, through polarization that is leading to a failure of both sides. What is rising from underneath are new ways of organizing, with a focus on service, integrity, and the fortitude of the collective.

The full moon in Sagittarius shed a very deep layer of how cartesian dualistic philosophy has influenced the psyche, especially the concept that compromise of wholeness is required for civilization to move forward.

After 300 years of influence, there is a push toward holistic thinking which supports adaptability and resilience at the individual and collective. The ability to intelligently and strategically move between oneness and separation is an emergent consciousness that is asking to be considered at this time.

Part of the challenge is the tendency to live in excess — over-spending, over-planning, and indulging in behaviors that keep us in amygdala overdrive.

It’s difficult to manifest abundance when our resources are depleted.

This moon cycle is taking a paradoxical effect of pushing us into exhaustion to help us re-evaluate priorities and choose disciplined behaviors that support the larger vision we are attempting to manifest.

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