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The energy leading up to Friday’s new moon seemed to push for lots of rest, reflection, and refocusing.

We may be more aware of areas in our life where we are over-giving at the expense of our own needs.

In order for us to move into a more authentic relationship with ourselves we need to get real about where we are still selling ourselves short.

Start by looking at areas where we find ourselves feeling depleted: energetically, emotionally, and financially. The desire to pull back and change strategy is not enough – we are being asked to redefine success outside of the story of past failures.

Now is the time to cut the cord with anything that feels exhausting and invest that energy in other areas the feel more nourishing.

For some of us that will mean taking time to revamp our schedule, tighten our budget, and up our game in preparation for stepping out again soon.

For others it means letting go of a path that has run its course, taking stock in where we are right now, and discovering that we no longer need to invest our resources in certain relationships, projects, and courses of action associated with our old reality. This frees up creative energy and resources for inspiration in new directions.

There are two parallel aspects that need to heal before we can fully shift and move on.

Our life experiences need to be processed, allowing any negative emotions, especially grief related to the loss of who we once were, to transform fully into joy that is rooted in feeling able to access more authenticity. This becomes wisdom that serves as a foundation for the future.

A deeper layer is healing within our immune system. The tendency for defensive patterns to dominate our strategies is ready to soften into a more restorative approach that includes quality of life over quantity of accumulation: wealth, status, achievements, and material possessions.

There is a strong influence of the number eight during this cycle that is coming through the archetype of the spider, the eight forces of the bagua, and the philosophy underlying the eight limbs of yoga — all calling into play the resolution of imbalances so complex in nature that the only solution is a return to balance and wholeness. Rather than destroying that which is no longer necessary, a new frequency is plugging in which brings the whole system into higher vibration beyond the entanglements of current polarized conflicts.

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