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As eclipse season approaches, our awareness is gathering inward into areas of the psyche we developed deep-seated coping mechanisms that are finally ready to be seen, heard, forgiven, integrated and healed!

For some of us who have already been deep-diving in search of how to bring our gifts more fully into the world this can feel like a huge relief. We may find ourselves feeling completely exhausted yet completely relieved that something we felt may never heal is actually coming to a time of completion.

During this gathering and release we may feel grief, anger, and exasperation as these areas of inner conflict and sabotage surface and are mirrored back to us in our life, as well as in our physical body. Have you noticed any old aches or pains surfacing again? Or a rise in intensity of chronic issues with appetite, digestion, or a disruption of sleep?

There is a complete rewiring of our system occurring at the moment. By staying present with what is surfacing and feeling responsive rather than resisting we stand a good chance of supporting this transformation more fully.

It is completely normal to drop into self-judgement or blame when we become triggered, but now is a good time to practice compassion and recognize that one reason this is surfacing is because your body, mind, and spirit are healthy enough to withstand the process of healing it at this time.

As we feel better and experience greater clarity of purpose, our energy reorganizes and re-prioritizes what it needs to support more energy and resources toward our intentions.

Every time we reach a new plateau of success and fulfillment that energy reinforces itself and invests it into our healing and integration process.

Leo is the archetypal representation of the process of individuation, or living life according to our own internal sense of authority rather than living according to others expectations or beliefs. It represents the quality of spiritual leadership, entrepreneurship, and autonomy.

Therefore, any tendencies toward codependent dynamics may surface to be released. Our inner victim, persecutor, or rescuer may be activated. It’s an incredible opportunity to release these parts of ourself that serve as interferences to a fulfilling experience of authenticity and align our energy toward more integrity, pleasure, and happiness.

The theme of the session, choose yourself, choose wisely indicates a time of choosing individuation over codependency — speak with integrity, take more risks expressing your authenticity, and boldly claim any area of your life where you tend to sell yourself short or overcompensate to make up for fear of inadequacy or vulnerability. Let go of expectations and see what lies in store for you as the energetic landscape shifts to support deep and lasting changes for you.

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