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For about an hour during my normal preparations for the New Moon in Libra guided meditation and healing session I could hear what I thought was a fly bumping against my window.

When I looked closer to see if I could help it escape what I discovered was a honey bee rapping at my window from the outside, as if it were trying to come in!

Please note: I live in the largest city in the US, very urban, in a three story walk-up. My window faces the air shaft! I get pigeons… but bees?! Not usually.

Yes, they wanted to make sure I got the memo, they were going to be contributing a lot of healing and awareness for session! ???

Bee medicine symbolizes healing the struggle between autonomy and interdependence.

Honeybees represent organized thinking at an instinctual level. This can be in reference to our relationship with others or also in the ecosystem of consciousness within ourself…

It can also represent a need to become more aware of tendencies of falling back into old patterns when we are feeling overwelmed or overextended.

Life is constantly challenging us to step up and embody our potential — global expansion and its effects on our collective consciousness is setting us up for a leap forward that transcends even our own perceived limits and boundaries, as well as our own ideas for what it means to fulfill our purpose in life.

It is during these times that at a soul level we may feel discontented or lost…we may have the sense that life has gotten off track and we might not be able to regain our bearings.

In a certain sense this is true. The changes we are going through are changing us. The old paradigms, lessons, and reference points are no longer relevant, yet the ghosts of those old habits seem to haunt us as we search for new ground.

Meanwhile evolution keeps happening despite any sense of our lack of connection to it…

How we are beginning to encode and process subtle information at a subconscious, instinctual, level is completely new and something we have genuinely never experienced. Humankind is continuing to experience the depth of our interconnectedness at a global level, which pushes us to reframe and recontextualize our perspectives on an almost daily basis.

Just like the bee hive, our magnetic instincts can support us finding a new sense of belonging and purpose, pulling us in potentially very different directions than ever before, connecting us to new resources of support and that carry us through these times of uncertainty. 

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