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The word freedom might conjure an image of riding on the open highway with the top down without a care in the world: nowhere to be, no-one to answer to, hair wild in the wind, feeling footloose and fancy-free. That might feel amazing as a fleeting moment, but is that a sustainable reality?

What if it were possible to find and embody freedom all the time – even in areas associated with a sense of duty and obligation?

What if freedom meant who we are and what we have is enough?

When we are able to let go of any wrestling with self-doubt around being good enough, capable, or in denial of our shortcomings, our true humanity is born.

During this new moon cycle, we are supported in letting go of any resentments, judgements, or tendencies to outsource the “burden of choice” to others and harness our capacity to experience the transcendent state of freedom.

All pathways inevitably come with some level of challenge and difficulty. How we experience those is highly influenced by our own sense of autonomy.

The freedom to choose is a beautiful thing.

Finding a space of freedom from the judgements or resentments of others is a far different experience from riding up on our own self-limiting beliefs buried in our subconscious mind, influencing our thoughts, interpretations, and actions.

On a conscious level we think we are choosing one thing and yet something else happens.

Once we understand that all conscious choice comes with it many layers of subconscious intent, we can surrender to the power of catalyzing our own healing process, accessing a reservoir of full manifesting potential, and embrace a new relationship with alchemy, manifestation, and co-creation.

We reframe our experiences as having the potential to bring value and meaning to our outcomes and open us to greater appreciation and gratitude for them rather than a sense of meaninglessness and discontent.

Once one has attained enough practice with the process it is actually possible to converse with “the universe” and harness your energy as a force of nature to shift outcomes in your favor by asking questions with a curious mind, learning to direct your thoughts and energy toward outcomes and surfing the waves and tides like a master seaman, or possibly harnessing the power of moses to part those seas on a direct path toward your outcome by taking charge of the situation when those subconscious intentions rear their ugly head and asked to be seen, heard, felt, and appreciated as aspects of our wholeness.

It is in this realm we find freedom in allowing ourselves to consciously choose that which we desire and accept that the outcome brings with it wisdom, healing, magic, mystery, and loss of anything that feels burdensome or out of alignment in the process without guilt, shame, or remorse.